You are searching to tie your purpose into your business.

You're determined to succeed and impact so many people's lives. 

You want clarity and to gain confidence to build a profitable brand without having to sacrifice personal time. 

My 1:1 private coaching & online courses are for the driven boss babe who is serious about taking their personal brands to the next level by serving their clients well. 

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This FREE 3-page guide will help you figure out what to post when and where on IG so that you can spend more time on other things in your Business, like making more money!!

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If feel that you're not good with technology, you don't know how to market your business online and you're sick of working 24/7 trying to figure it on on your own then I am you're girl.

I will guide you from the shy girl who DREADS getting on video to the girl who has confidence to knows that she deserves success. 

If you're not confident in photos, on video, with you content, sales and your launch plan...this is for you.

When I first started my businesses, I struggled with being shy and lacked confidence. 

Then, I found strategies that worked and that's when I created the Boss Babe Blueprint. It's a system to help you build video & photo confidence marketing yourself online so you can build a profitable impactful brand and make more money.

When I implemented this system I went farther in two weeks I went further than I had gone in 1 year. I went from having 0 clients to booking out 3 months in advance. I can teach you how to do this too.

Taking the courses and finishing them, or hiring a coach, someone who's been there before and gets you, is the best investment you will make. I'm living proof of this. 


I too used to struggle with getting confidence in front of the video camera and I know how to help you build that confidence too.

I have two bachelor’s degrees in business.  

With over 12 years of marketing experience I've worked with small and large brands.

I am Lean Six Sigma Trained which means I know how to take your business and streamline it to give you clarity so that clients buy from you. 

I've helped lots of women with build and clarify their personal brands and craft the right message in words and images that attract the right customers. This has ultimately resulted in them making more money.

I am a professional photographer which means I know how to coach you how to pose where you don't feel completely awkward and use those images to sell your business online even with your iPhone.

I’ve learned a lot over the past 12 years being in business and I can give my step by step Boss Babe Blueprint for you to implement ASAP to make more money, gain more confidence and change more lives.

Why work with me?

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programs & courses

Choose from a Group Online Course, Masterclass or 1-1 Coaching.

Coaching we spend 10 weeks together to set you up with getting more leads, monetizing the leads in a seamless process. 

1. Mindset & Confidence
2. Personal Branding
3. Speaking to Your Ideal Client
4. Prioritization & Productivity 
5. Blogging & Freebies
6. Creating Compelling Content
7. Mastering Social Media
8. Creating Your Marketing Plan
9. Launching Like a CEO 
10.Photography with your phone
BONUS! Mobile Preset

Coaching includes: 1, 1 Hour Zoom Call/Week

Voxer access, the free audio app so you can ask me any questions between our session to keep up your momentum.

I’ll review everything you’re working on so you if you’re stuck on something, you don’t need to wait until our next call.

Reach out and I will be there for you (response guaranteed in 24-48 hours).

Any and all of my systems & courses that are in place to move your business forward.

Business Plan + Email and Social Scripts

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Step 2: what we cover 

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Then you're serious about transforming your business and your client's lives.

I'm passionate about working with driven, make it happen boss babes. 

Are you willing to do the work together? 

Let's make your dreams happen and have fun too! 

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I see so many women trying to learn online marketing on their own. They're on YouTube, reading blogs, listening to podcasts and try to fill their business plans with little bits and pieces of info but they never have the full big picture. Guess what happens? It takes so much longer than if they just invested in the course or the training that is the system. What are you doing right now? How long are things taking you to do alone? Do you have the right strategy & support to get you where you want to go? Who is your accountability partner? The lack of the right support and strategy could be costing you a lot already. It's time to invest in you. 

I have different programs depending on your budget. Let's chat to see which fits your needs. 

"Audra has been my life savor w/my business as a hairstylist. Wanting to branch out my many talents but really wanted to stay focused on my hair extensions I was too busy behind the chair to focus on my social media and advertising only relying on word of mouth.
Audra has DOUBLED my business with Great Length Hair Extensions. She has done an amazing job coaching me on how to attract my ideal clients and making my name as the top stylist in the local community. Her knowledge in marketing has pushed my business to the next level.
I highly recommend Audra to anyone looking to grow their business. Audra is the full package with marketing skills and photography. She has TRANSFORMED my social media. This has INCREASED my clients and my income!
If you're like me and not really Tech Savvy Audra is your girl to show you the ropes and make it easy."
- Nichole Eischen

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I only work with a certain amount of women at a time because I’m fully committed to the success of my clients so applying doesn’t guarantee your spot.

Step 1: Fill out the application to be considered for this a spot.

Step 2: I’ll review your application and get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Step 3: We will chat for 30 mins and if I decide you'll be a good fit for the program, we will get you started immediately. 

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