Essential Strategies to Systemize Your Business

In this blog post you’re going to learn the essential strategies to systemize your business while juggling being a Mompreneur. I will walk you through how to set up the right systems and processes in place so you can be more present with your kids and make an impact on the world. 

It can be feel hard being hard to being a Mompreneur but here’s what I know about you:

  • You’re were brave enough to start your own business.
  • You show up, to, learn and grow, and you’re committed to making your dreams of business work in to be present with your family. No matter what.
  • You’re smart, you’re bold and you are one of a kind. God made you special.

Let’s get your business automated. 



Essential Strategies to Systemize Your Business – Tip #1 – Focus on being a Entreprayneur

It’s all about praying and relying on faith.

In a recent random poll I did with Christian entrepreneurs they 98% told me that they didn’t even think to pray for their business. Do you pray for guidance with your business? Here are some prayers that may help you as you become a EntrePRAYneur. Sometimes God hides our gifts from us when we’re trying to do things in our own strength.

  1. Thank you for ________, _________, ____________. Please me uncover my God given talents are so that I can impact the world around me, love what I do, give you the glory and provide for my family.
  2. God, thank you for ________, _________, ____________. Please continue to guide my steps as an entrepreneur to impact so many people’s lives, share my testimony, and grow in a way that people who stop and ask me “how did you do it” where then I can share your glory with the world.
  3. Jesus, thank you for ________, _________, ____________. Please allow my business desires to meet the need of the people that I’m supposed to reach. Please allow me to pursue my passion while always seeking the glory of God.


Essential Strategies to Systemize Your Business – Tip #2 – Get rid of the things you shouldn’t be doing. 


Maybe you’re not not you’re not in a point in your business where you can actually delegate yet and you need to do all things. In that case during your 12 week plan look at the things that are gonna hit these. This trifecta.

  1. You feel like God’s directing you in that in those and during that path.
  2. It is going impact other people’s lives like help people.
  3. Is it going make you money? Is gonna be profitable?

Any time that you’re taking away from your kids, it’s got to be one of those three things it’s got a hit on or it’s not worth being away from your children.

Set up processes and systems so that they work for you so that you don’t always have to be on .

The biggest thing that could really boost you up when you’re having a hard day is to see someone opting into your email or opting into join your Facebook group.

It’s just little little things that God puts along the path is to keep going. Keep it up, girl. You’re doing great. 

Essential Strategies to Systemize Your Business – Tip #3 – Set-up your sales funnels

Let’s talk about sales funnels. Here are specific strategies


Pinterest—-> Blog —-> Freebie —>  Email —-> Sale

Pinterest is an awesome way to have leads come into your blog post on autopilot because it really works as a Search Engine. God puts it upon somebody to search for something. They go and search for and then they find your pin and go to your blog post. Your blog post is all about serving someone with  either what they’re struggling with or something that they want to avoid, like gaining weight. 

In the blog post, talk about the things that you wish you knew when you were first getting started and helping them along the way. Then take the title of the blog post (Example Secrets to Gaining Followers in 3 steps) and then make it into a pin.

The pin will sit on Pinterest for ever. On your blog post you will have a freebie (which is an opt-in for your email) The freebie will be related to the blog post in some way. 

Now, when they sign up to get the freebie, you’re going put them on a and nurture sequence. (You do this with your email provider.)

A nurture sequence is when you it’s like having a conversation in person. You get to know them.

So, an example for the email sequence would be something:

  • First Email: “Hey, girl, tell me a little bit about yourself in what and your business.” They have the opportunity to write back, and you get to know them.
  • Second Email: Could be all about your journey related to the freebie that they opted in for. So maybe if the freebie was for weight loss, send them to another blog post of yours all about “how to get recipes to help you lose weight in five days or 10 days.”
  • Third Email: Offer them a mini offer. Anything between $7-$17. An example could be:  cookbook.

Instagram—-> Freebie —-> Email —-> Sale 

So instagram you could do the same thing.

You can put your freebie on Instagram. You could do like a finger pointing down in your bio. “Grab my freebie”, and that would send them into your nurture sequence. They’re bypassing your blog in this situation. This is because on Instagram you’re doing active selling. Getting on stories, IG TV, DMs to meet more people and giving them the call to action to click in your bio.

Podcast—-> Freebie —-> Email —-> Sale

Now you can get on podcast. Podcasts are awesome ways to get added exposure in front of other people’s audiences that they’ll be marketing for you technically, because it’s their podcast and at the end.

So whatever and the host decide would be good topic for you to talk about on there at the end of it they’ll ask you “how can people connect with you?” Always send them to your email sequence. (See Pinterest for example above.)

Facebook Group—> Group Questions —-> Freebie —-> Email —-> Sale

Now your Facebook group is another way to get people onto your email list, and in order to do that, they give you a Facebook gives you three questions to ask. Go to your Facebook Group and click on Moderate Group then select Membership Questions.

Those questions should be all about market research for you.

  • What’s something that you’re struggling with?
  • What’s something that you wish you could achieve right that related to your niche and then ask them for the 3rd 1
  • Would you like to receive my freebie on _______?


YouTube—> Show Notes —-> Freebie —-> Email —-> Sale

So let’s talk about YouTube. YouTube is acts like a search engine as well. People go to it for free information. Similar to your blog post.

Give them free information via your video and in the notes place your freebie in there and mention it at the end of your video. “If you liked this video subscribe and grab my free ________. I put the link in the notes below.”

LinkedIn—> Show Notes —-> Freebie —-> Email —-> Sale

You’re going to drive them to your freebie and to opt into your email list. You could always drive them to a blog post op tin as well. You can have this in your bio and in your posts.


Free Challenge—> Email Sign Up —-> Facebook Group —-> Challenge —-> Sale

We’re talking about a free challenge. Free challenge is always great cause people really like to be challenged and what those? You can run those between three and five days, and when you run a free challenge, you can have an opt in there.

Now there’s there’s this thing called a Facebook messenger app that you can sign up for. It costs money, but basically people opt in. This sends automated messages from you.  And so it’s the same thing as the nurture sequence that you’re doing for email is it’s a similar thing in auto sends the message that you don’t have to do that. These people opt-in to receive these messages for the challenge.



  1. Pray for direction in your business, for direction. Pray for how to use your business to make an impact and how to bring glory to God.
  2. Stop doing things you don’t have to be. 
  3. Set-up processes.

So I hope this blog post helped you when it comes to automating your business. 

Time to Take action.

1. Implement these steps.

2. Download my FREE 6-Day Digital Course on how to create profitable side hustle or restart your biz in 6 days.

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