How To Start A Podcast

Want to know how to start a podcast for free? Cool! You’re in the right place.

I’m going to give you the simple version of this girl! None of this technical mumbo jumbo stuff.

How To Start A Podcast For Free – Step #1 – Set Goals & Choose a Theme

If you’re already in business you already have a niche. I recommend using that same niche of business that you’re in to serve the same people.

Keep your branding consistent.

  1. Choose a name that is searchable. So if your business name is Amber Marie and you serve New Moms who are trying to lose weight, I don’t recommended naming your podcast your name. Instead name it something that New Moms would search for when looking for a podcast.
    • Apple Podcasts use Title, Author and description fields for search.
    • Search Apple Podcasts to make sure the name is not taken.
  2. Your theme should be all around serving your niche. To make is super easy I say whatever you blog about that week just read off of that for your podcast session. Two birds, one stone.
  3. Keep your podcast branding colors consistent with your main branding colors.


Define your goals. 

The top goals I recommend that you start with for your podcast are:

  • Generate leads for a business
  • Be recognized as a leader in an industry
  • Share an important message


How To Start A Podcast For Free – Step #2 – Choose a format

Single Host, Multiple Hosts or a combo with interviewers.

  • If you’re a solepreneeur then interviews and single hosting would be for you.
  • If you have a business partner and you like to have improv moments to play off of each other’s personalties then a co-host would be a good option for you all.

Types of Podcasts:

I recommend the following for entrepreneurs who are just starting out:

  • Educational Podcast – Free information that you’re teaching people within your niche.
  • Interview Podcasts – Single host who interviews people in a specific industry.

Podcast Length: 

There isn’t a specific optimal length for podcasts. 20-30 mins is the average for the educational and interview podcasts. Enough to keep their attention while they’re driving or on the elliptical. Whatever you choose, make sure you try to stick to the same time range.

Remember if you’re creating value filled content, people will listen to however long it takes.

Podcast Publishing Schedule:

Whatever you choose stay consistent with it. Post the podcast the same day every week. I recommend posting the podcast once a week. People will start to realize and expect your podcast and condition themselves to wait for the next one.


How To Start A Podcast For Free – Step #3 – Choose Podcast Recording and Software

It’s very low cost to start a podcast.

No one listens to a podcast because they’re obsessed with the sound quality so don’t stop yourself from starting because of technology. As long as your content is engaging they’ll be okay with less than stellar sound quality.

Disclosure: Some of these product links are Amazon affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission if you decide to purchase them.

Podcast Mic

Audio-Technica ATR2100x – $65-$99

Pop Filter – $7.99

Headphones – I recommend just starting out with the headphones that you have until you get started.


Podcast Software: 

Recording and editing Software: 

  • I use GarageBand . It’s a free recording and editing software for MAC users.
  • Audacity is another option free option and it works  for MAC and Windows users.
  • For interviews you can record using Zoom. Then just upload it to Garage Band or Audacity to edit. I recommend doing the interview in video and uploading that video to YouTube too. Zoom gives you the audio alone and the video.


How To Start A Podcast For Free – Step #4 – Add in theme music 

You can purchase Royalty-free music for your podcast. The only thing about Royalty free music is that podcasters might use the same track you choose.

Try to match the music to your energy. So if you want to have an empowered uplifting podcast search for those keywords with royalty free music.

Grab music from Audio Jungle. 

How To Start A Podcast For Free – Step #5 – Record your first podcast

Editing is where I got intimidated. All you have to do is this though:

  1. Write out your episode in a blog post.
  2. Drag your theme music into the beginning.
  3. Record your Podcast main Message:
    • Podcast Message Example: Welcome to the _________ Podcast. Hi, I’m your Host  __________. I’m a ______ who’s done  ________. This is the show for you to _______ how to _________. If you’re ready to get tip on how to _______. This is the show for you. I’m so excite you’re here. Let’s get started.
  4. Record an Intro.
    • The script I recommend is: “Hey! In this episode we’re going to talk about ______. I’m excited you’re here so let’s dive in.”
  5. Read off of the blog post while you’re recording the episode. If you get mixed up on a word or burb give yourself a long pause.
  6. End the podcast with asking them to subscribe or download your freebie.
  7. Drag your theme music in
  8. Export as an MP3.

Now it’s time to edit. Anywhere you see a long pause that’s where you will remember to go back and chop that part out. It will look like a flat line.


How to start a podcast

How to start a podcast

How To Start A Podcast For Free – Step #6 – Upload your first podcast to BuzzSprout

There are many different options to choose from such as Lisbyn or Anchor but I use Buzz sprout because it walks you through step-by-step how to get your podcast listed.

Buzzsprout is free to start your podcast. The free version only allows you to keep so many podcasts live at one time but the paid one allows you to keep the old podcasts still up.

If you choose to upgrade you can get a $20 Amazon Gift Card too. Just click here to grab it. 

Just take the MP3 and upload it here. Buzzsprout walks you through.


how to start a podcast

How To Start A Podcast For Free – Step #7 – Make your podcast artwork

1: Start by using Canva

Select create a custom design and put the dimensions as 1400 x 1400 px

How to start a podcast

2: Use the same fonts & colors as your business

Add the name of your podcast and your host name

3: Upload a headshot of you (and your co-host if your have one)

4: Save as a JPG

How to start a podcast

Step 5: Upload to Buzzsprout

How to start a podcast

How To Start A Podcast For Free – Step #8 – Get listed in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify

Within your Buzzsprout login click on Directories. Click on each directory and follow the instructions on how to get listed.

How to start a podcast


Time to Take action.


  1.  Set Goals and Choose a Theme
  2. Choose a format
  3. Choose Podcast Recording and Software
  4. Purchase Royalty Free theme music
  5. Record your first podcast
  6. Design  your podcast artwork
  7. Design  your podcast artwork
  8. Get listed in directories

You can do this girl! Buzzsprout makes it SO EASY to do!

FREEBIE! Download my Podcast artwork to tweak with your own branding. 

It’s totally free. Grab it here.


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