Increase Your Productivity in 6 Easy Steps

As an entrepreneur you have a lot of things that you balance on any given day. If you’re a Mompreneur you’ve added a lot more too. But here’s the good news is that it doesn’t have to be painful everyday. In this blog post I have 6 steps to becoming a more organized and productive entrepreneur. These tips will help boost productivity and create a smoother, more efficient entrepreneurial day for you as you juggle wearing multiple different hats.


Increase Your Productivity Step 1: Plan ahead

Make a strategic 12- week plan and stick to it. Somethings easier said than done right? The easiest thing I can suggest is ask yourself what is to STOP making yearly plans. Instead make smaller bite size goals and plans for every 12 weeks. This will help you go back and analyze how your 12 week plan went, adjust and then re-plan for the next 12 weeks.

Increase Your Productivity Step 2: Stick to your schedule

    1. Condition your kids, your Hubby and your clients/team when they expect what from you.
    2. Stick to what you say you’re doing to do.
    3. Make sure the current week you’re in you’re actually working on the following week’s plan. Meaning if it’s Monday 12/2 you’re working on the content, plan for 12/9. This really helps when you’re a week ahead when kids are sick it helps you not stress out.

Increase Your Productivity Step 3: Get Help

      1. This is hard in the beginning  when your business is lean. If you have little kids keep them on  strict nap schedule. This is what I like to call the Naptime Hustle.
      2. Get a cleaning lady. My laundry loses when my business wins. Get your kids to clean. I pay my kids to clean and I get judged B-I-G time by other families LOL whatever they’ll have to work when they’re older might as well learn how to do it now and get paid for it.
      3. When you’re in a launch call your Mom, Sister, Cousin someone to help you with the kids.
      4. Take time in the evenings leave the house go to Starbucks to plan.

Increase Your Productivity Step 4: Stop Scrolling & answering immediately

    1. Check one day what your doing in one day. Are you scrolling on social media?  Answering emails immediately? Are you up and down getting the kids a snack? For one day straight, I want you to monitor every 15 mins and document it.
    2. Turn off notifications on your phone when you’re working on planning or strategy work.

Increase Your Productivity Step 5: Time Block – Give everything a time

  1. If you do client work keep those to certain days of the week and focus on your business the other days.
  2. Make sure you’re sticking to your plan for that week.
  3. Give yourself in home days and out of home days. In home days are the days where you are heads down doing work, strategy planning etc. Out of home days stack your time. Kids appointments, networking, videos (since you probably got ready and did your hair and make-up)

Increase Your Productivity  Step 6: Focus on Impact and a Profit

If it’s not going to make you money and doesn’t align with your business values don’t prioritize it.

    1. Ask yourself when you’re planning – “Is this tactic going to make me money?” If doesn’t have to be immediate money but within the 12 weeks you should be seeing profit from it.
    2. Here’s a tip, the tasks that are outside of your comfort zone in the beginning are probably the most profitable in the long term. Instead of avoiding them stop making excuses and learn them.
    3. Delegate tasks that take you too long. These are usually tasks that you feel you’re not really great at. Pay someone to do those once you’re making some more money in your business.

Recap – Increase Your Productivity in 6 Easy Steps

  1. Plan Ahead
  2. Stick to a Schedule
  3. Get Help
  4. Stop being available 24/7
  5. Time Block
  6. Focus on Impact and Profit

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